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boutique hotel pick – grand hotel tremezzo – lake como, italy

Every year, I pick a destination (mostly in Europe) and run with it. This year it is Italy, so you will be hearing alot about Italy in the upcoming months from travel to fashion to food and wine and photos of where I have been and where I have yet to discover.  In addition, I will share with you, hotels throughout Italy which I love, or have stayed at and some I wish to stay in the very near future. So, here we go 😉

Second hotel pick for 2011, is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como (area) Italy. I first heard about this property through a professor at San Francisco State University, long, long time ago and of course I jotted it down in my journal for future use. Later on when I developed a crush on George Clooney and discovered he purchased a villa in Lake Como, I decided it was time for me to go there and check out the destination and while I was at it, to check out the hotel.

First of all, Lake Como is probably one of the most romantic and amazing places to visit if you plan to indulge in luxury and elegance. Most of the hotels surrounding the lake are breath taking and are either a palace or a villa built in the early 1900’s.  The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is no exception and the only way I can actually express my appreciation of this particular property is to share some photographs with you.  Enjoy and happy weekend!



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