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starting the new year in muir woods

By the 31st of December, I was completely restless, sentimental and somewhat anxious for the day to end. I honestly can’t pint point the why behind the way I felt, but I just did. So with champagne toast in hand at almost midnight, I did my normal countdown to (now)  with Ryan Seacrest in New York and then after watching the after party show, I went to sleep

After sleeping in on New Year’s day and then driving home in heavy traffic, back to San Francisco, I decided that if the weather permitted, I would  spend  day two of the new year somewhere outdoors.

So, of course on January 2nd, when  I saw the sun shining  and the weather  unusually warm  for the season, we got in the car and drove up to  Muir Woods, just 40 miles or so North of San Francisco and spend the day walking about the beautiful redwoods, while my friends and I contemplated how we foresee the new year to be.

Actually, while they talked, I took photographs. Check out some of my favorites.

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The photographs are the property of Please do not borrow them without my consent. Thank you

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