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no need for a new year resolution if you have a dog

I  actually came up with the  title of this blog entry while I watched my dog eat his dinner in  a dark  kitchenette last night.  I had just entered my home from a long and exhausting day consisting of work, running errands and visiting with my mother, when I heard a crunching sound coming from the kitchenette.  I slowly walked towards the room, only to discover my dog eating in the dark.  I was heart broken to see him there, because I knew that he waited for me for  as long as he could to eat his food , but seeing that I was so late, he just couldn’t wait any longer.

I quickly knelt down to give him a reassuring hug and although he was starving, he  paused  eating to allow me the gesture and after making sure I was satisfied, he continued to eat his food until he was done.  He then drank some water, and  slowly walked towards me to give me his unconditional thank you lick for being there, no matter how late. I wanted to cry and he knew that, so he put his paw on my knee and licked my face some more until I burst into laughter.  His job was done for that evening.

You see, each year I make a new year resolution, like so many people and every year, although determined, I  don’t follow through for some foreseen and not so, reason and the worst of it is that no only am I hard on myself about it, but also pressured into making another the following year.

So, this year I decided  I no longer needed to make a new year resolution thanks to my dog, because no matter what, he will always accept me and love me unconditionally and without judgement. What more can I ask for?

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Aw-now I want to cry! My cat also reminds me that someone loves me even when I screw up. Animals are our best little soul mates a reminders of what is important! Happy New Year to you and your pup!


    Myself and my kitty!

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