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Talks About Christmas Morning Breakfast to Mary Poppins

You know what I appreciate the most about traveling across the pond? The opportunity to wander  into an actual bookstore – whether a chain or a tiny corner store – and just thumb through the reads. I can do this for hours and often times end up buying, I kid you not, ten books to read until my next trip. So with that said, these are the three books I cannot wait to read – from the rest of the 15 book recommends for 2018-2019:   How to prep – ahead of the time –  Christmas morning breakfast – ten ideas to choose from This topic cannot be discussed soon enough in my household – Where to travel in 2019. A list of Valentine’s Day dresses sparked my curiosity this week before Christmas – realizing while scrolling through the suggestions, some are equally a wonderful choice for New Year’s Eve celebration – like this one: And my favorite – I’ve been waiting for a long time for the Mary Poppins sequel which opens tomorrow nationwide and …

projecting 2015 for this blogger

I’ve been tossing around a list of things I’d like to accomplish in 2015; some of them keeping me up at nights worrying and feeling excited. Besides making some changes career wise. I’d also like to focus on travel, building relationships, and maintaining new-found friendships. I have new ideas about my blog. I have dreams about my novels, even a possible move down south is crossing my mind, all of them hopefully to achieve my lifelong dream. Writing is the number one priority in 2015, getting my novels noticed internationally a goal also. I’ve booked up my calendar all the way to December next year with exciting adventures I cannot wait to blog about, and share with all of you. I am enthusiastic, and looking forward to the New Year. Here are some amazing photographs, touched up of course, of all the places I plan to visit next year. Can you guess where they are? Either way, have a happy and safe New Year. {source}

already december and the holidays

It’s already December. I could ask the question – where has the year gone? But I won’t. I know exactly where it’s gone and how strange of a year it’s been. Truth be told I can’t wait until it’s over. I’m very ready for 2015 and the opportunity to reset my life, and maybe be a little more selfish and focus on my needs over those around me. Until then, I’m keeping inspired with holiday decor, and all things leading to Christmas and the New Year. {source}

no need for a new year resolution if you have a dog

I  actually came up with the  title of this blog entry while I watched my dog eat his dinner in  a dark  kitchenette last night.  I had just entered my home from a long and exhausting day consisting of work, running errands and visiting with my mother, when I heard a crunching sound coming from the kitchenette.  I slowly walked towards the room, only to discover my dog eating in the dark.  I was heart broken to see him there, because I knew that he waited for me for  as long as he could to eat his food , but seeing that I was so late, he just couldn’t wait any longer. I quickly knelt down to give him a reassuring hug and although he was starving, he  paused  eating to allow me the gesture and after making sure I was satisfied, he continued to eat his food until he was done.  He then drank some water, and  slowly walked towards me to give me his unconditional thank you lick for being there, no matter …