romantic vacation recommend: isle of capri, italy

Main square - Piazza Umberto

Most of my previous travels are to the main cities or towns within a country in Europe. But a few years back, when I ventured towards the Southern tip of Italy (the booth) I decided to take a ferry to the island of Capri.

I must admit I wasn’t disappointed with the choice, even though the ferry schedule a bit unreliable and the frequency less than desirable, the trip was well worth it.

main point - marina grande

The way it works is, after disembarking the ferry from Napoli, you have to take a taxi or a bus up to the top ( Alta Capri). This is where the main town square is and most of the civilization on the island. I did get a bit sick because of the altitude or maybe because of my fear of heights, but every where I looked there was the most beautiful view anyone can imagine.

view from the top

We stayed 3 nights 4 days and because the best way to see a place is by walking. We walked one entire day around the island, actually trekked through the back roads and saw the best of the best the island has to offer.

On the second day we took the funicular up to the highest point and this is where I hiperventilated and screamed all the way to the top, because the funicular was a single open seat, a small belt across your lap, feet dangling for 20 minuets .  I actually hated going up there and the way down, but if you can stomach the ride, it is again well worth the adventure.

yes I was on that

The best and most memorable of my time on the Island  of Capri was visiting Villa San Michelle and riding a small boat into The Blue Grotto – pictured below.

Blue Grotto
villa san michelle

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