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Relationship of sorts – Myth or Not

I honestly could be engrossed in grocery shopping and an idea pops into my head about…whatever. And just last night while at the local produce store picking peaches, I remembered just how great my ‘hubs’ and I felt every time we came back from vacation.  And that thought led to – does real love exist?  And all of a sudden I felt the need to shift gears…to…dogs, and how they  react to things, and people, and are also affected by events that take place in their owners lives and then all of a sudden this and that happened and I found a few topics I wanted to share and gather up your opinions about:

escape from the fog – a summer in san francisco

Well officially, perhaps a day earlier than some calendars indicate, we have entered the Summer season. I know this because yesterday it was freezing, foggy and drizzly in the city and today it isn’t any better.  So while I bring out my sweaters, coat and umbrella to the front of my closet for use throughout this season, I cannot help but think of anywhere that I could lay on the beach and soak up the sun. {click on the photo to get travel information to any of the destinations below}

shifting gears to travel

By the beginning of April I am planning my next trip to (mostly) Europe. However, as we know it, the wedding got in the way 😉  But after taking a few days to recover I am now  mentally prepared to plan a trip. The problem is there are too many places I want to visit this year and not enough time to accomplish my goal, so while I click my way through the internet for ideas, I can’t help but include some of my favorite staircases around Europe from here to inspire me to make a choice:  

a day trip to venice, italy from florence

Since I had been to Venice several times over the last 2 decades, I decided this time around to take just a day trip  from Florence, via train and walk about the streets “outside the high tourist season” being that it is mid October  Well I was wrong, Venice, from the looks of things, probably has no down time from tourism, so walking the small streets from the train station to San Marco Square was, once again, very challenging to say the least and took more time then I expected it to. However, putting that aside, Venice is one of the most photogenic , if I may use the term, travel destination for any photographer. I can’t imagine anyone returning from Venice with bad photographs. Anyway, although I entered a few stores to appreciate the Moreno glass neatly displayed everywhere, I spend the majority of my time taking photographs. I even wrote the boat taxis up and down the canal just to get photos of every nook and krany of this marvelous city. Here are …

boutique hotel pick – palace hotel – san francisco, california

I have, for a while now and on occasion,  dedicated an entire blog entry to some of my favorite boutique and luxury hotels in Europe. But this past week, since the weather has been the most ideal in San Francisco, I almost felt like a tourist visiting because the entire city had a beautiful glow to it. Anyway, every day as I walk to work, I pass by the Palace Hotel and while in front, I slow my pace in order to get a glimpse of the tourists lined up at curbside waiting for their limousines to whisk them away, whether it be to the airport or a private tour of some sort. It dawned on me that I needed to include this amazingly, beautiful hotel as one of my favorites in the city by the bay. Have an amazing weekend everyone! {For photos reference of Palace Hotel, please click here}

romantic vacation recommend: isle of capri, italy

Most of my previous travels are to the main cities or towns within a country in Europe. But a few years back, when I ventured towards the Southern tip of Italy (the booth) I decided to take a ferry to the island of Capri. I must admit I wasn’t disappointed with the choice, even though the ferry schedule a bit unreliable and the frequency less than desirable, the trip was well worth it. The way it works is, after disembarking the ferry from Napoli, you have to take a taxi or a bus up to the top ( Alta Capri). This is where the main town square is and most of the civilization on the island. I did get a bit sick because of the altitude or maybe because of my fear of heights, but every where I looked there was the most beautiful view anyone can imagine. We stayed 3 nights 4 days and because the best way to see a place is by walking. We walked one entire day around the island, actually …

boutique hotel pick – four seasons – florence, italy

One city I plan to include in my fall trip to Italy this year, is of course Florence. Although I have been there many times, it seems I can never get enough of this fascinating destination. Outside of the fact the city’s architectural and artistic makeup, it is to me one of the most romantic places to consider spending with a loved one. Now, although there are many hotel options to choose from while vacationing in Florence, my favorite recommend is the Palazzo della Gherardesca. Currently known as The Four Seasons Hotel here. Apparently the hotel is the first of it’s kind for Florence. It is a resort with a pool, a spa and various other amenities too many to list here. However, please click here to read about how the hotel came to be. Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend.

pacific heights – san francisco – an architectural marvel

San Francisco is probably one of the most beautiful travel destinations I can recommend. But of course you all already know that, right? What I truly appreciate the most about my city is the fact, that even though it is comparatively small to most other metropolitan cities, the hills more than make up for the size and of course the fact, within walking distance or (a Muni ride) away, you can experience different cultures within each district (or neighborhood), making it actually and suggestively  a huge city. My choice of exploring any city is of course walking and one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore, not only because of the challenging hills, which give me a great work out, but also the architectural marvel for my visual therapy away from the 9×11 computer screen. Now, I have included some street signage for you, amazing tourists from around the world and neighboring states and Southern Cal  as a guide, so that when you are visiting the city, you can chart your walking tour based on the …