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Relationship of sorts – Myth or Not

I honestly could be engrossed in grocery shopping and an idea pops into my head about…whatever. And just last night while at the local produce store picking peaches, I remembered just how great my ‘hubs’ and I felt every time we came back from vacation.  And that thought led to – does real love exist?  And all of a sudden I felt the need to shift gears…to…dogs, and how they  react to things, and people, and are also affected by events that take place in their owners lives and then all of a sudden this and that happened and I found a few topics I wanted to share and gather up your opinions about:

Does travel really make for stronger romantic relations

This cute little article popped up when I asked – does love really exist?

Can dogs tell when a person is bad? You bet they can

Five books that can make you happier? If only that were true

When or if you should stay friends with your ex – I spiraled back to this nonsense.

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