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a day trip to venice, italy from florence

Since I had been to Venice several times over the last 2 decades, I decided this time around to take just a day trip  from Florence, via train and walk about the streets “outside the high tourist season” being that it is mid October  Well I was wrong, Venice, from the looks of things, probably has no down time from tourism, so walking the small streets from the train station to San Marco Square was, once again, very challenging to say the least and took more time then I expected it to.

However, putting that aside, Venice is one of the most photogenic , if I may use the term, travel destination for any photographer. I can’t imagine anyone returning from Venice with bad photographs. Anyway, although I entered a few stores to appreciate the Moreno glass neatly displayed everywhere, I spend the majority of my time taking photographs. I even wrote the boat taxis up and down the canal just to get photos of every nook and krany of this marvelous city. Here are some of my photographs.

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{Please remember the photos are the property of http://www.rawsilkandsaffron.wordpress.com}



  1. Your photos of Venice certainly capture its beauty. I agree about the crowds…I don’t think there is a quiet time.

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