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como italy by local bus

I can never pass up a stop in Como Italy when I travel through Italy. Normally I spend two nights in Como, but  I figured this time since it is Autumn, I would stay in Milan and take a day trip to Como on RailEurope or in this case, the shuttle train from Milan  to Como S.M instead.

It was about an hours ride, a bit uncomfortable and long since it made alot of stops along the way, but it was a reasonable cost. 4.50Euros each way, so I couldn’t complain much.  When I got to Como rail station, I noticed, like I did before, a bus labeled Bellagio, which was the area around the lake I wanted to visit. Since it was freezing outside, I decided this time to give the bus ride a try, I knew it was going to circle the lake and that it would take an hour, but I figured I had done the ferry thing about a dozen times before, why not try something different.

Well, I must admit and suggest to anyone who has tried the ferry ride direct to Bellagio, to try the bus ride, at least once in their lifetime maybe in the colder months. It is well worth it. Because for about 4.00Euros each way, you get the most breath taking views of the lake and the small towns built along the edges of the lake. And to be honest you don’t feel the hour ride.

Bus from Como to Bellagio

View from bus enroute to Bellagio

Almost like a roller coaster ride

Zipping through small villages along the way

Finally pulling into Bellagio

Enjoying a brisk walk along Bellagio

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