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travel: it’s all about italy

What is it about this wonderful country most of us Americans can’t get enough? I can only speak for myself of course when I say I am madly in love with Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, Genoa, and every other corner in between  from the hillside small villages of Cinque Terre, to the wonderful Como district, the country the most romantic in my opinion –  and very different  from the well known city of love – Paris. That is where I chose to base  my first novel Piazza Navona, the story unfolding in my imagination and mind, over a cup of espresso sitting in a cafe on the historic Piazza Navona. One day, while I sat in a cafe in Rome-in Piazza Navona, staring at a small stationery store, I realized I wanted to write a novel, about a woman who falls in love in Rome. But I knew I needed a twist on a story that has been told a thousand times. So in 2011, after my return to San Francisco, I began working on my first …

day five – genoa bound

Two days in Rome is plenty of time for anyone who’s been there many times. So after 48hours we took a train to Genoa. A city I use as a base when I want to enjoy the Italian riviera. The weather prediction for day one was rain and thunderstorms, hardly a good time to lay on the beach. So we took a day trip to lake Como instead and spend the entire day leisurely walking about the small town after taking a one hour bus ride to Bellagio first to have lunch at our usual eatery tucked away in a neighborhood not frequented by tourists. I don’t recommend day trips to Como from Genoa but it is something easily done from Milan. Anyway being a seasoned traveller helped and we accomplished seeing e an unplanned destination thanks to the not so pretty weather in Genoa.

and the oscar goes to…everyone if it were left up to me for 2012

You know what I hate about the competitive world? It’s that we have to always crown a single winner from a list of the best. Well, since that is the case, I am having a difficult time accepting that there could  only be one winner per category for this year’s Oscars. I mean if you happen to be a film buff, like myself, you tend to question,  how Clooney’s performance was better than Brad Pitts and that Jean Dujardin may beat both of them as a result of his performance in The Artist Can we actually say Viola Davis was better than Meryl Streep or Glen Close, even when young actresses like Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara did an outstanding job in their roles as well? And how about Christopher Plummer and Kenneth Branagh or Nick Nolte for that matter, and should  Jonah Hill really be included in the running for Best Actor in a Supporting role right alongside those seasoned actors? Seriously, is Martin Scorsese  more talented  than Woody Allen, or is Hugo a …

como italy by local bus

I can never pass up a stop in Como Italy when I travel through Italy. Normally I spend two nights in Como, but  I figured this time since it is Autumn, I would stay in Milan and take a day trip to Como on RailEurope or in this case, the shuttle train from Milan  to Como S.M instead. It was about an hours ride, a bit uncomfortable and long since it made alot of stops along the way, but it was a reasonable cost. 4.50Euros each way, so I couldn’t complain much.  When I got to Como rail station, I noticed, like I did before, a bus labeled Bellagio, which was the area around the lake I wanted to visit. Since it was freezing outside, I decided this time to give the bus ride a try, I knew it was going to circle the lake and that it would take an hour, but I figured I had done the ferry thing about a dozen times before, why not try something different. Well, I must admit …

classic actors in common, from my point of view

I am a movie fanatic and a complete junky of the entertainment world. What can I say, now you all know my weaknesses 🙂 So, as a child,  when I got introduced to film, I began to envy my mother’s generation, because of all the gentlemanly leading men in cinema. I secretly fell in love with a few of them even though they were old enough to be my father or grandfather. When  I was in my 20’s and 30’s, it seemed as if  there was a gap in the entertainment industry as far as having “gentlemenly” leading men. I just didn’t think anyone could step up to the plate to those from the classic Hollywood film era. But in the last decade or so I have discovered that, I too have reached a point in life, where I can honestly say I am proud to have known  a few classic and “gentlemenly” actors  from  my generation. Here is the list ladies and gentlemen, let me know what you think?