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and the oscar goes to…everyone if it were left up to me for 2012

You know what I hate about the competitive world? It’s that we have to always crown a single winner from a list of the best. Well, since that is the case, I am having a difficult time accepting that there could  only be one winner per category for this year’s Oscars.

I mean if you happen to be a film buff, like myself, you tend to question,  how Clooney’s performance was better than Brad Pitts and that Jean Dujardin may beat both of them as a result of his performance in The Artist

Can we actually say Viola Davis was better than Meryl Streep or Glen Close, even when young actresses like Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara did an outstanding job in their roles as well?

And how about Christopher Plummer and Kenneth Branagh or Nick Nolte for that matter, and should  Jonah Hill really be included in the running for Best Actor in a Supporting role right alongside those seasoned actors?

Seriously, is Martin Scorsese  more talented  than Woody Allen, or is Hugo a better film than Tintin? And who can truly judge foreign films, when most American’s shy away from seeing them in the first place and sometimes it’s shown  with limited engagement and distribution.  Do you get my point?

Anyway, if it were left up to me, I would give the Oscar to everyone nominated for this year’s Academy. It was truly an amazing year in films and performances and from where I am sitting, each and every one of you deserve the recognition.


  1. You are so right about this year. The best actor category will be especially painful for me. I would really like Clooney, Pitt, and Dujardin to win. Guess I’ll just have to focus on the red carpet and let the rest go!

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