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travel: it’s all about italy

What is it about this wonderful country most of us Americans can’t get enough?

I can only speak for myself of course when I say I am madly in love with Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, Genoa, and every other corner in between  from the hillside small villages of Cinque Terre, to the wonderful Como district, the country the most romantic in my opinion –  and very different  from the well known city of love – Paris.

That is where I chose to base  my first novel Piazza Navona, the story unfolding in my imagination and mind, over a cup of espresso sitting in a cafe on the historic Piazza Navona.

1370441372_0!!-!!27piazza navona

photo source

One day, while I sat in a cafe in Rome-in Piazza Navona, staring at a small stationery store, I realized I wanted to write a novel, about a woman who falls in love in Rome. But I knew I needed a twist on a story that has been told a thousand times. So in 2011, after my return to San Francisco, I began working on my first novel, and it wasn’t until 2013, and a friend pushing me, that I got the nerve to publish it. Hoping after the book went live, that I would not regret my decision, and I haven’t…I encourage you to read it and see for yourself. (Author ML Kilian)


Story source – click here

And then there is this, the iconic photo, which most of us are familiar with depicting what we, especially in the US, think Italy is all about.  I know exactly where the photograph was taken, and the funny thing is, I figured it out when I stood exactly where the person taking the photo was standing, and it just came to me. I got online that night in my hotel room, and looked up the photo,  comparing to the one I took, solving the debate (I won the bet that night, the one my travel partner made with me seated at the cafe in the photo, him doubting it all).  That was the most memorable trip to Florence…


photo source

Lake Como  to me is much more than a place made famous because George Clooney spends the summers taking retreat in his villa. It is a place very close to what’s described as heaven to be, the mountainside speckled with small lake side villages, the views most spectacular and tranquil. Especially if one has the means to stay in a hotel on the lake, reclined on a poolside chair simply reading Piazza Navona .


photo source

Cinque Terre truly a vision, worth every penny spending a day or more discovering these amazing five fishing and farming villages perched on the hillside. Although all can be explored in a day, I regret on every visit, that I didn’t take more time simply to unwind and exist. There are definitely health benefits to the area, the air, the views, the food, the easy lifestyle, a wonderful change of pace from the rat race in a bustling metropolitan city.

A haven for the amateur photographer.

A place where someone like me can imagine her next novel.

I can’t say enough about Cinque Terre, except to see it best, one should trek along the narrow pathway connecting the five towns or

read here  what I did on my trip there a few years back.

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