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travel: it’s all about italy

What is it about this wonderful country most of us Americans can’t get enough? I can only speak for myself of course when I say I am madly in love with Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, Genoa, and every other corner in between  from the hillside small villages of Cinque Terre, to the wonderful Como district, the country the most romantic in my opinion –  and very different  from the well known city of love – Paris. That is where I chose to base  my first novel Piazza Navona, the story unfolding in my imagination and mind, over a cup of espresso sitting in a cafe on the historic Piazza Navona. One day, while I sat in a cafe in Rome-in Piazza Navona, staring at a small stationery store, I realized I wanted to write a novel, about a woman who falls in love in Rome. But I knew I needed a twist on a story that has been told a thousand times. So in 2011, after my return to San Francisco, I began working on my first …

day five – genoa bound

Two days in Rome is plenty of time for anyone who’s been there many times. So after 48hours we took a train to Genoa. A city I use as a base when I want to enjoy the Italian riviera. The weather prediction for day one was rain and thunderstorms, hardly a good time to lay on the beach. So we took a day trip to lake Como instead and spend the entire day leisurely walking about the small town after taking a one hour bus ride to Bellagio first to have lunch at our usual eatery tucked away in a neighborhood not frequented by tourists. I don’t recommend day trips to Como from Genoa but it is something easily done from Milan. Anyway being a seasoned traveller helped and we accomplished seeing e an unplanned destination thanks to the not so pretty weather in Genoa.

como italy by local bus

I can never pass up a stop in Como Italy when I travel through Italy. Normally I spend two nights in Como, but  I figured this time since it is Autumn, I would stay in Milan and take a day trip to Como on RailEurope or in this case, the shuttle train from Milan  to Como S.M instead. It was about an hours ride, a bit uncomfortable and long since it made alot of stops along the way, but it was a reasonable cost. 4.50Euros each way, so I couldn’t complain much.  When I got to Como rail station, I noticed, like I did before, a bus labeled Bellagio, which was the area around the lake I wanted to visit. Since it was freezing outside, I decided this time to give the bus ride a try, I knew it was going to circle the lake and that it would take an hour, but I figured I had done the ferry thing about a dozen times before, why not try something different. Well, I must admit …