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pacific heights – san francisco – an architectural marvel


San Francisco is probably one of the most beautiful travel destinations I can recommend. But of course you all already know that, right?

What I truly appreciate the most about my city is the fact, that even though it is comparatively small to most other metropolitan cities, the hills more than make up for the size and of course the fact, within walking distance or (a Muni ride) away, you can experience different cultures within each district (or neighborhood), making it actually and suggestively  a huge city.

My choice of exploring any city is of course walking and one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore, not only because of the challenging hills, which give me a great work out, but also the architectural marvel for my visual therapy away from the 9×11 computer screen.

Now, I have included some street signage for you, amazing tourists from around the world and neighboring states and Southern Cal  as a guide, so that when you are visiting the city, you can chart your walking tour based on the order of the signage and believe me you won’t be disappointed with my recommend.

But, if you aren’t going to be coming around to visit anytime soon, stay tuned for May 10th and I will share the photos of the architectural marvel which match the street signage. Stay tuned or come to San Francisco and see for yourself.

Bring a pair of walking shoes and a warm pullover or a heavy sweater when you come between Apr-Oct

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