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Sunday Read: Research Has It

I normally sleep with my window open. I’ve done it for years. The crisp air, sometimes chilly and other times just warm enough helps me get a good night sleep.  The only nights I struggle to get to sleep is if I’m in a place, a hotel or someone’s house, where I cannot open the window. Those are the nights, I toss and turn and count the hours until the morning.

Do you sleep with the window opened?


While searching for a recipe, I came across this article – about the most popular recipe in every state (U.S) according to google. And when I clicked on it, I found some of the options very surprising – especially California – where I live. I would have guessed delicious guacamole dip or sushi – but never quinoa. Check out the rest of the list.

Is it true for your state?



Being a San Franciscan – I have seen the city develop into an expensive metropolitan one and although I have been here all of my life – I am finding it a struggle to afford the cost of living – no matter the salary. With such difficulty in affording the cost of living, the quality of life has shifted as well. I don’t find it that wonderful to be in the city anymore. This list details the best places to live in the world according to expats.

Do you find it to be true? Are you among those who live in one of the named cities and can truly share some insight?


I have tried them all – facial creams/moisturizers promising to erase all that ages you – and I did so, believing that creams do help. And they do but up to some degree. Eating well, getting enough sleep, feeling less stressed and your environment are all factors adding to the lines across your face. But nevertheless, I strive to find the best cream for me and when I bring a bottle of this or a jar of that home I often feel as if I have found the fountain in this case cream of youth. But then it stops working or so I imagine – or that my skin gets used to the same, so I begin my hunt for a different product and mix and match to help preserve as best as I can.  The struggle is real for men and women equally I think and this list shares the best of the crop/creams for 2018

What have you found that works?


Plastic Bag adrift in Ocean, Ambon, Moluccas, Indonesia

I love this article about how to contribute to make the world environmentally safe. I think if there were one project I could find the time to involve myself or volunteer to combat the issues – it would be to safeguard our oceans from plastic. So any article pertaining to this topic interests me greatly.  Here’s the how from an article in the Huffington post.

Do you do your share?










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