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Interesting Shares From Around the World

I have to tell you – it’s been a bit confusing for me living in San Francisco, and watching the news unfold around the world on how everyone is handling or defining the ‘going back to normal.’  While we remain in masks in California, other’s seem to be removing them, social distancing – based on photographs – is not standard either.  Among other differences, I don’t need to list here. So, where do we stand if parts of the world are abiding by the new lifestyle, and others aren’t? Who is handling anything the right way anymore?  That’s been on my mind recently.  How about you?

When can we travel to Europe is explained here or tried to

Ten suggestions to being a better traveler post lock-down

How one scientist suggested a questionable cure for COVID-19 – read here

The malaria drug that is being tested around the globe – read here 

Why are more forests still being chopped down – read here

Do you believe air pollution exacerbated COVID-19 – read here

I have been seeing more bees fluttering about in my garden lately. Which hasn’t really happened forever –

Its safe to say that the biggest happiness we are all feeling is the lack of pollution due to COVID-19. And the hope we can maintain the quality of air

What's on your list of interesting topics to read?

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