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Food: How To Dice and Slice And Clean

My mother marvels at my style of cooking, cutting and even baking. To put it bluntly, she doesn’t understand why I do the things I do. So we talk about it of course, while I nearly slice my finger off, from all the stress of her scrutinizing my technique. But you know what? At least I’ll have many fond-ish memories of this time together in the kitchen.

I need to stop and explain here for  second.  Cooking in our culture is a ritual, and each recipe is managed in the most artistic of ways to create a meal – where my mother, her mother and I’m sure her mother before – would remind the impatient generations afterwards that  ‘a woman must cook with her meal’ – which I never agreed with as a young child or a teenager. But now I get it. Although, I still prefer quick methods and easy recipes to follow.  BUT! since we are on lock down and I’ve chosen to revisit or refresh all of our cultural recipes during this time, I am learning that a meal prepared by generations before which have taken up an entire day, can actually be done quicker, if we choose to innovative. Or, am I being mean? Don’t answer that.

Anyway, long story short – this whole post was meant to share shortcuts or easy methods applied to slicing, dicing and more. So – without any further delay here are the suggestions I am sharing.

First up – my favorite vegetable – cauliflower and this click will teach you how best to slice this tasty treat

How about that annoying onion? Here’s how

For the chef a solid cutting board is as important as a canvas for an artist and this how to shows the best way to maintain the cutting board

Best ever solution to cleaning pans – which I dread after baking or grilling

How to slice, dice and freeze fruits and vegetables for that rainy day or…well for anytime

How to roast chicken is the bonus for this post – the quick and easy way suggested is always appreciated in my kitchen


Do you have any funny stories with your mum about cooking? Please share

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