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What Has Placed A Smile On My Face This Week

I went for a long walk across the city, through neighborhoods I assumed would be less crowded. But I think I’ve seen more humans walking about the city during the social distancing then I used to in the past years, doing the walk. It was the most invigorating feeling to see families walking together, talking, and while wearing masks, keeping their distance. I prepared lunch for myself, thinking I might eat while I walked, since the park I normally go to with these walks might be closed. Instead, there were signs at every entrance to the park, simply asking that we keep six-feet apart, but take our time to enjoy the park. So I sat on a bench, ate my sandwich and grapes, and stared out to the views of the ocean.

The most interesting gatherings in the park were families, or friends, who met up, and sat six feet apart on blankets, and enjoyed catching up in person. I suppose this was a good idea or one that’s been happening for the duration? I had no idea, since I’ve kept in isolation for the past two months, shopped for essentials, and walked only in my neighborhood every other day. I have to be honest, I did feel guilty being there, so as the crowds grew, I decided it was time to leave. The walk back to my car, five miles down the road, I couldn’t stop smiling – for yesterday was the bet I’ve felt in a long while.

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What had you smiling this week?

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