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Fashion: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Or Just For You

You know when you find a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe while really shopping for a gift – in this case for mother’s day. Or How to revamp your mother’s weekend wardrobe – past the sweatpants and T-shirt.  🙂 THIS BLOUSE   THESE PANTS, THAT LOOK, AND THE FASHIONABLE SWEATER THE BACKPACK   FLATS AND MORE FLATS      

boutique hotel pick – tharroe of mykonos, greece

Right about now, exactly right now, I am seeing myself in a far away place, where I could nap alongside the pool, or sit on a lounge chair on the balcony of my suite and watch the world go by and just maybe make an effort to leave the hotel just to experience the nightlife on the island of Mykonos, Greece. To make this happen, I have to include one of my favorite hotels on Mykonos – Tharroe Of Mykonos, to set the stage for one of the most relaxing holidays/vacations imaginable.  BTW this would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift:  

shifting gears to travel

By the beginning of April I am planning my next trip to (mostly) Europe. However, as we know it, the wedding got in the way 😉  But after taking a few days to recover I am now  mentally prepared to plan a trip. The problem is there are too many places I want to visit this year and not enough time to accomplish my goal, so while I click my way through the internet for ideas, I can’t help but include some of my favorite staircases around Europe from here to inspire me to make a choice: