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Food: Pickles and Chocolate Chip Cookies

No, I am not pregnant. But on Sunday, I did down a package of cookies – five pieces to be exact, still wanting more. But I forced myself to stop. They were store bought, and since we have no more at home, and I just can’t see myself standing in line at grocers for the packaged version, I searched for a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

But then one thing led to another, and pickles was the only thing missing from our burgers last night – so this recipe for making pickles at home, was another thing I felt the need to share, in case you are in the same dilemma on this Monday.

Chocolate chip cookie recipe – start here and then tell me what you think?

Pickle recipe – start here


On another note, have you considered coloring books or coloring apps online? 
The book versions make great gift ideas for Mums and Grandmas for Mother's Day. 
At least, this artist thinks so.

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