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Dinner Plans and Discussions About Small Spaces

What’s for dinner is the topic of discussion every morning when I run upstairs to my mother’s house and help with breakfast. She says good morning, I say hello, and she says, so what’s for dinner tonight? I mean I know you are working from home and I don’t want to bother you, but what are the plans for dinner? and I look at my watch. 🙂

Then I go downstairs to my home-office space and search frantically for a creative meal that she would enjoy also. Because the last thing I want to hear when I ask her how dinner was, is  – oh its fine – meanwhile I’m having seconds.

So, for dinner tonight – we are having  this recipe for eggplant Parmesan – did you know male eggplants are better tasting then the female since they have less seeds? I didn’t know, but learned it now.   Also technically, my eggplant Parmesan will be more of an eggplant lasagna – since I will be adding pasta-lasagna in between the eggplant and cheese layers. It actually is more filling and naturally because my mother loves pasta.  But click on photo for the recipe  if you plan to go traditional:

As for my favorite topic - about small living spaces - please scroll below

Since under isolation orders, some of us living in small spaces can feel a bit – not me of course – tired of the same scene. So for that – there are some suggestions on how the smallest of changes can make the biggest differences

small space kitchen tables used for home office, school, and more – how to make the most of the space

Small bathrooms turned a luxurious space just be using the right colors and style of decor

Creative decor for small spaces while living-working from home

So what are you having for dinner tonight? And are there any immediate plans to redecorate your living space? What’s worked to create your home office? 

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  1. What a lovely post! It is indeed not so easy to settle in the small areas, but we manage it, no choice! And it’s amazing how cozy it can be! Thank you for sharing!

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