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Dinner Plans and Discussions About Small Spaces

What’s for dinner is the topic of discussion every morning when I run upstairs to my mother’s house and help with breakfast. She says good morning, I say hello, and she says, so what’s for dinner tonight? I mean I know you are working from home and I don’t want to bother you, but what are the plans for dinner? and I look at my watch. 🙂 Then I go downstairs to my home-office space and search frantically for a creative meal that she would enjoy also. Because the last thing I want to hear when I ask her how dinner was, is  – oh its fine – meanwhile I’m having seconds. So, for dinner tonight – we are having  this recipe for eggplant Parmesan – did you know male eggplants are better tasting then the female since they have less seeds? I didn’t know, but learned it now.   Also technically, my eggplant Parmesan will be more of an eggplant lasagna – since I will be adding pasta-lasagna in between the eggplant and cheese layers. …

Decor: For Small Spaces

I downsized a while ago, from a 2 story five-bedroom home in the suburbs to a studio flat in San Francisco. I wanted to be back in my city and didn’t want the chores that come with owning a big house. So, the hubs and I decided to downsize and live in a smaller space, which I have managed to make very functional. Yet sometimes I still search for topics about making a small space the happiest of homes. Best Memorial Day Weekend Sales in Home Goods are here