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Travel: Articles of Interest for the Avid Traveler

I’ve put all articles pertaining to travel on the shelf or in the blogging world – in draft mode until…well, the holidays were over. I figured the only reason at this point people want to travel is to get to their families for the holidays, and only a handful have planned a winter-some places summer getaways the weeks in between December 24 to December 31st.

Ok. Long story short – here’s a few interesting articles for those of you who simply cannot get enough of travel articles in between the vacation planning:

EX7MBD Pavlin Polia's guest house in Theth, Albania at sunrise.

This article explains what we can learn from Albania about trust.

EPDBW7 May 2015, St Peter Cathedral in Zurich (Switzerland), HDR-technique

Switzerland: A Nation that takes pride on being on time – I know I witnessed it this past October


love this one – geo-guesser I found myself scoring pretty high


The island at the edge of the world – imagine seeing the edge of the world 🙂

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