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Travel: The Art of Solo Travel

My friend of 20 plus years used to travel alone, through unique road trips she plotted out herself. I couldn’t wait until she returned from one of her excursions so she can whisk me away with her stories, over Mexican dinner and a pitcher of margarita. So today’s collection of articles is in honor of my friend and her solo fascinating trips…     Have you traveled solo? Where to? And do you recommend it? This is something I’m debating for the first time this year – finger’s crossed   {featured image source}

Travel: Stories Behind The Destinations

I normally do much research about a destination I would be traveling to. Past all the tourist spots, I want to know about the culture, traditions or customs, architecture influence and decor, to authentic in cuisine, and social behaviors. So when I am standing just outside an airport, a train station or a ferry dock, I am ready to fully immerse myself. Do you travel this way? If so, you might appreciate these stories behind some interesting destinations…

Travel: Where To Go In April Past Paris

You know, in January I always tell myself – to take a break from travel and simply enjoy the finer things at home. After all I live in an amazing city and there is much to see and do here – errr, within 100 miles or so. But February rolls around, and I get that itch to travel, so I opt for a weekend getaway and as soon as its March, I am full on planning – and wishing – and planning a trip. Disclaimer: If your passport is about to expire, like mine, be sure to check the rules of travel here, so you don’t get turned away at customs for not having the proper passport expiry requirements for that specific country. Now, although I pretty much know where it is I want to go for a week or two before the madness of  high-season travel begins, I still refer to a list of suggestions here – you know, in case I’ve missed something. Where would you go in the Spring?  {source}  

Travel: Luxury Airbnb Envy

I have yet to experience an Airbnb during my travels. Meaning to clarify, since my travel planning days, I opt for different hotels to spend my time, so that I can provide an honest review about accommodations to my former clients, and friends and family. But this list of luxury Airbnb options got me thinking about the milestone birthday celebration I am planning for myself in 2020. Naturally, there is a more budget-friend option out there as well to consider these vacation/holiday rentals.

Travel: Emerging Destinations

When I was a travel agent, and probably still am, with all the topics I share here, I am always searching for something exciting and new in terms of travel. And I believe we don’t have enough days in our lifetime to do all the traveling to the wonderful places on this planet of ours – which we need to respect and handle with care. Today’s topic:  Conde Nast Traveller has listed 14 emerging destinations which from the looks of things – can also be considered exotic destinations: {featured image: Chennai and Pondicherry, India}

Travel: All About The Canary Islands, Spain

Right about now, while freezing in San Francisco, I crave tropical. And naturally begin  my typical research for somewhere to escape. Recently, well, maybe a month or so ago, I saw a film   on Netflix that was not only entertaining and funny, but it was  filmed in the Canary Islands.  Somewhere I’d never been before. I love when a movie delights me – in terms of decor and location.  The last time I was this intrigued was when I saw ONLY YOU with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. which was filmed in when it was filmed all throughout Italy. Anyway, so because of the film, I did some digging for tourist information and without any more babbling, here are some facts – just in case you are looking for that perfect Honeymoon or anniversary celebration destination:   High Season (Dec–Apr & Jul–Aug) Coincides with Christmas, carnival season and Easter Accommodation prices are highest in January and February Mid-summer is holiday time on the Spanish mainland, so expect more tourists July and August are the …

Travel: Articles of Interest for the Avid Traveler

I’ve put all articles pertaining to travel on the shelf or in the blogging world – in draft mode until…well, the holidays were over. I figured the only reason at this point people want to travel is to get to their families for the holidays, and only a handful have planned a winter-some places summer getaways the weeks in between December 24 to December 31st. Ok. Long story short – here’s a few interesting articles for those of you who simply cannot get enough of travel articles in between the vacation planning:

How My Brain Works

I wear many hats past being a blogger: I am an author, an event planner, software dev quality expert,  avid traveller, photographer fashion consultant, and a supporter of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.  Not to forget mentioning,  film buff. Oh, and I do love the San Francisco Giants. Because of all that, my brain goes something like this:   {source}