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Travel: Stories Behind The Destinations

I normally do much research about a destination I would be traveling to. Past all the tourist spots, I want to know about the culture, traditions or customs, architecture influence and decor, to authentic in cuisine, and social behaviors. So when I am standing just outside an airport, a train station or a ferry dock, I am ready to fully immerse myself.

Do you travel this way? If so, you might appreciate these stories behind some interesting destinations…

Why Tunisia could be the new Rome according to this article

Some of the trips I am planning for 2020 is one to Canada – on the train going from west to east – hopefully before ending up in New England. And this topic brings to light the birthplace of Canada’s mountain culture

Do you ever wonder about the sunken civilization? Well, wonder no more…

Why 2020 is the year to consider a trip to Cairo – which used to be the most exotic of destinations to visit prior to Saudi Arabia captivating modern tourism

And finally – considering that I am leaving England soon, I decided to add this topic about British culture around the world – in particular Mexico? And the Cornish pasties which I love

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