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Back In the U.S. of A

The ordeal of travel when there is a concern for your health was the anxiety I was dealing with – Tuesday night when I stayed up all night, thinking about the 11 flight from London Heathrow to San Francisco International airport where I would land upon the hub of airlines inbound from Asia – where the recent Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the continent and beyond.

Landing in San Francisco was an eye-opening experience as I saw traveler after traveler wearing masks and gloves to help ward off contact with those who made their way from Asia-inbound flights.  Would it have been safer to not have flights leaving the continent? was the first thing that popped into my mind while I walked angry through the corridors, and then I queued up in the customs line for over an hour, along with so many travelers in masks, and my anxiety grew deeper, to the point I found myself hyperventilating about all the other ways I might contract the virus, past the airport. Have you ever been consumed by so much fear, that you feel almost paralyzed? I texted a friend who was picking me up and I asked that he bring a can of Lysol to the airport and before I got into his car, I sprayed myself down and the luggage – that kind of paranoia I hate to admit happened to me – and then I sprayed him down, and his car – don’t know why? But I figured, who knows where he’s been also?

It really sucks to fear that way – but I guess its better to be safe than sorry.

I am glad to be back though, to regroup and find a normal balance to do the things that make me happy. The many projects I have planned for 2020, and take a few weeks to really appreciate all the memories my family and I made over the past six months – which I will tell you about in the autobiography I am aiming to draft and hopefully publish this year.

So, in the meantime, while I get my life back on track and keep you entertained to the best of my abilities, I share with you the recent topics of interest from where I am sitting, which right now is at my home-office.

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Considering the past two weeks I spent in England – I can’t help but find great interest in all things England. In this case, things that will change after Brexit –

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