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Travel: For Emotional Therapy

January was a very bumpy ride around the globe and has pretty has me wondering how best to recover and hopefully find ways to bring forward as much positivity as possible – although it will be challenging, I often believe things happen for a reason, and those reasons lead to newer opportunities, or perhaps simply a better understanding of this thing called life.

I think my favorite inspiration of late is the pic and caption from Gerard Butler (pictured above) who was apparently on a spiritual journey here and there.  And it got me thinking about the idea of traveling on a spiritual level or one where you embark on a self-discovery journey. Would you – if you could?

Here’s 18 life-changing couples vacation to consider if relationship is something you’d want to work on

IF spiritual is your attempt – then here’s a list of retreats around the world to consider

Undertsanding your mental and physical limitations is helpful to happiness

Best countries for solo travelers simply seeking inspiration

Here’s to hoping for a positive outlook in February and beyond.

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