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Travel: Where To Go In April Past Paris

You know, in January I always tell myself – to take a break from travel and simply enjoy the finer things at home. After all I live in an amazing city and there is much to see and do here – errr, within 100 miles or so. But February rolls around, and I get that itch to travel, so I opt for a weekend getaway and as soon as its March, I am full on planning – and wishing – and planning a trip. Disclaimer: If your passport is about to expire, like mine, be sure to check the rules of travel here, so you don’t get turned away at customs for not having the proper passport expiry requirements for that specific country.

Now, although I pretty much know where it is I want to go for a week or two before the madness of  high-season travel begins, I still refer to a list of suggestions here – you know, in case I’ve missed something.

Due to the past difficult few months I have experienced, I am seeking a destination near some form of body of water, and remnants of the past still present. Like Crete, Greece.

Perhaps a second visit to Porto, Portugal

Kyoto, Japan sounds amazing and one country heavily reliant on their history while moving forward

Marrakech, Morocco is divine this time of year – rich in history, culture and surrounded by Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean

And if all else fails, a drive down south to Newport Beach should do the trick

Where would you go in the Spring? 



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