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Post Christmas Interesting Finds Online


Full Moon on Christmas Day which I got a glimpse of at four in the morning. Unfortunately for me the photo I snapped with my iPhone was too blurry to share. This one will just have to do

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAPLAND, FINLAND - UNDATED: The Aurora Borealis seen across the sky in Lapland, Finland. The beautiful phenomenon was captured by photographer Marko Korosec on a trip to the arctic region of Lapland in Northern Finland. He used long exposures on his Canon DSLR to create the stunning images. PHOTOGRAPH BY Marko Korosec / Barcroft Media (Photo credit should read Marko Korosec / Barcroft USA via Getty Images)

What the North Pole Actually looks Like – Click photo to discover


Images of What Christmas Looks Like Around The World


Beautiful Winter Getaways according to Architectural Digest


Interesting Survey and good to see Travel is the most desired gift. That would be the top of my list. Source: Wall Street Journal

{Oh and just in case the ring caught your eye, click here to find out how}

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