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Fashion: Fall 2017 Topshop Picks

While in London in March, on my way to the theater to see a show – if you must know – An American In Paris on stage. Which was amazing by the way. I stumbled upon an actual brick and mortar of the boutique store – Topshop. Which for us in the states is only available to buy online. Well, let me clarify – until I noticed a few pieces on display at Nordstrom a couple of months ago.

Anyway, the great thing about seeing merchandise in a store in person is that you can actually feel the fabric, and get a good look at stitching and make of the product. Even the colors are more realistic in a store. But I get it, in today’s world most things are purchased online. So, either way, online or some of the items appreciated in Nordstrom, here’s my list of picks:


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