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Travel Series: Behind The Scenes

Sure, when we travel somewhere, we are mostly focused on what we see in front of us and seldom do any background information on sites or towns we visit. I mean current events or future plans research. Well, I am always intregued but evolution or remodel or updates or sometimes unfortuantely a bad decision in terms of a town, a city, or a country decides in their efforts to move forward.

Anyway, here are some interesting behind the scenes stories that I, as always, felt the need to share:

Did you know it is illegal to take night photos of the Eiffel Tower? Click here to discover why?

Australia is putting a ban on climbing the Ulura from 2019 onward, so plan your trip to this piece of the continent accordingly if doing so is on your bucket list

New Zealand doesn’t want you to buy property anymore in their country

The coolest discovery recently about the Great Pyramid of Giza you might want to read

Plans to install sparkling water fountains in the city of lights are their way –

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