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Culture: Distractions Are Good Right Now

I wonder if there is a way to wipe out 2020? You know, like in the states – or at least here in California – there is no floor 13. High rise buildings go from 12 to 14. That sort of wipe out. 🙂 Or, we may simply need to be distracted…with trivia Stay safe, stay masked, stay mindful

Travel: Knowledge Is Key

Before I travel to any destination, or discussed it while I was a travel agent, I always did my part and continue to do my part in learning and understanding about even the most simplest of details about the country I was visiting. So, there is no better time than the present to with virtual travel or wanderlusting, to simple soak in all the information available to keep us yearning for when we could actually travel.

Travel: Planning With Purpose

Besides getting away from life, travel should also be to learn about history, culture and all things that make up this wonderful world of ours. So, when I plan my trips abroad or domestic, I always go with purpose, and I share my travel topics with reasons – to hopefully inspire folks to travel outside of their comfort zone and past all the rest and relaxation concept.

Travel Series: Behind The Scenes

Sure, when we travel somewhere, we are mostly focused on what we see in front of us and seldom do any background information on sites or towns we visit. I mean current events or future plans research. Well, I am always intregued but evolution or remodel or updates or sometimes unfortuantely a bad decision in terms of a town, a city, or a country decides in their efforts to move forward. Anyway, here are some interesting behind the scenes stories that I, as always, felt the need to share:

Travel: Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About

I remember as a child standing in a very short line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in New Orleans place in Disneyland, CA, and after the ride, leaving through an exit that funneled to a back lot, where I spotted facade-like doors and stairs leading to areas not open to the public. Years later, while on a private tour through the company I was working for at the time, who was Disney’s preferred banker, we were privy to a secret club which was behind one of those doors. You can imagine my excitement about the privilege. Too bad we weren’t allowed to take photographs then. Someone I knew once told me that she celebrated New Year’s in Australia and then flew to Hawaii to celebrate it again, again the thought of being able to do that seemed amazing to me.   For those who love bookstores and libraries as much as I do, then consider a night’s stay in Paris bookstore Success comes in all ages – as we all know – and …