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Culture: Distractions Are Good Right Now

I wonder if there is a way to wipe out 2020? You know, like in the states – or at least here in California – there is no floor 13. High rise buildings go from 12 to 14. That sort of wipe out. 🙂

Or, we may simply need to be distracted…with trivia

The story of windmills or fun facts about windmills is always good to know
I’ve seen this structure in countless travel journals online and have added it to my travel bucket list – have you been?
Always fascinated with fortresses has me wondering about this one
Tegallalang farming terraces in Bali needs to be added to anyone’s bucket list seeking an adventure
Windmills and lighthouses are the most fascinating and this one is one important lighthouse

Stay safe, stay masked, stay mindful

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