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Weekend Recap and A Few Thoughts

The topic of conversation during one of the most beautiful weekends in San Francisco – meaning lots of sun and warm weather – which is highly unlikely during the summer months. Anyway, the topic was – would you buy a mask in all sorts of color and my partner in crime instantly shook his head to imply not a chance, he would stick to only black. Which was the original mask I ordered online at the start of the COVID wear a mask don’t wear a mask debate.

I do wonder though, if perhaps buying a mask that best expresses a person would actually force them to wear the mask?

Anyway, past the mask the weirdest attention we received during our walk about the park was – us carrying a pizza box from the corner pizzeria to the park for lunch and having families point it out to their kids. 🙂

Besides the walks and FaceTime talks with family and friends, I watched movies of course – like most of us and did a few chores and updates to the house, to keep the days from blending into one another.

I do have a few questions for you to ponder over this Monday –

Would you stay in an AirBnb?

Would you rent an RV to travel across the state?

Would you travel if you were stateside considering the pockets of COVID reeking havoc across the nation?

Are you feeling claustrophobic?

Or considering renovating or cleaning up that backyard for proper use during the lockdown?

Where would you travel if you could get on a plane right now?

Do you want school to open in the fall or remain online?

What was the best film you’ve seen this week?

To all of our friends in England – or those Expats hanging around until.. here’s a list of 10 best walks across the Cotswold
Can you take this travel quiz and pass? I actually know exactly where this is?
Are sandwiches your thing – if so here’s 82 variations to try for the weekend picnic
One of the things I miss the most is a walk through a Museum store
This house

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