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Weekend Recap and A Few Thoughts

The topic of conversation during one of the most beautiful weekends in San Francisco – meaning lots of sun and warm weather – which is highly unlikely during the summer months. Anyway, the topic was – would you buy a mask in all sorts of color and my partner in crime instantly shook his head to imply not a chance, he would stick to only black. Which was the original mask I ordered online at the start of the COVID wear a mask don’t wear a mask debate. I do wonder though, if perhaps buying a mask that best expresses a person would actually force them to wear the mask? Anyway, past the mask the weirdest attention we received during our walk about the park was – us carrying a pizza box from the corner pizzeria to the park for lunch and having families point it out to their kids. 🙂 Besides the walks and FaceTime talks with family and friends, I watched movies of course – like most of us and did a few …

Food: Having Fun Making Sandwiches On A Rainy Saturday Afternoon

I love the rain, especially when there is no storm involved with it – meaning high winds, thunder and any other weirdness – like hail associated with super heavy downpours. And since knowing we are going to have rain for the next several days, I decided to compile a list of films on Netflix, and go grocery shopping for a sandwich-fest afternoon into the evening on Saturday – with beer of course 🙂 and a fattening dessert to booth if I have the room for it. But for now, here’s seven sandwich secrets I found here to share with all of you sandwich lovers to give a try. Here are the suggestions:   More on sandwich crafting ideas go here, and here: And here for gluten-free sandwich ideas: featured image credit and source