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Through the Smoke Filled Air

I woke up this morning scratching my head, thinking while in deep sleep at some point overnight, I was shuttled up to another planet. The skies across the bay area are orange-gray dark and a bit scary. Never been in this situation before. I mean we’ve had fires across California but none this extreme. At least not in my lifetime. But then again it is 2020 and all is expected at this point so, with all lights on in the house, at now almost nine in the morning, I am staying connected in hopes to stay distracted.       featured image source and full credit

Weekend Recap and A Few Thoughts

The topic of conversation during one of the most beautiful weekends in San Francisco – meaning lots of sun and warm weather – which is highly unlikely during the summer months. Anyway, the topic was – would you buy a mask in all sorts of color and my partner in crime instantly shook his head to imply not a chance, he would stick to only black. Which was the original mask I ordered online at the start of the COVID wear a mask don’t wear a mask debate. I do wonder though, if perhaps buying a mask that best expresses a person would actually force them to wear the mask? Anyway, past the mask the weirdest attention we received during our walk about the park was – us carrying a pizza box from the corner pizzeria to the park for lunch and having families point it out to their kids. 🙂 Besides the walks and FaceTime talks with family and friends, I watched movies of course – like most of us and did a few …

Monday Off-Day Thoughts

The upside to being a writer is the fact, you can turn most any situation into a story. The downside is that – you cannot turn off your observation sense, in that you see every detail, hear too much and feel even more about all that is around and that emotion can sometimes be debilitating. This was my weekend. Now, to be fair, I am already titter-tottering on a slew of emotions, which usually happens  around this time of the year – Fall-ish, where I am not in the best place emotionally. Not sure why this happens?  But it does. To the best of us. So it is challenging to remain on course-the steady pace of happiness, positive thinking and perseverance when the environment all around is set in dismal mode. But such is life, and we must do our best to stay busy, challenge ourselves and dabble in creativity to help distract the otherwise bleakest of moods. Do you feel the same? Are there too many negatives people in your life? And how do …

Fashion: The Most Disturbing of Reads

Although I am currently in a different time zone, news travels at the same speed and today I am saddened to hear about a couple of my favorite designers – And the second disturbing read I found online – about Coco Chanel – Which I am having the most difficult time accepting it and even sharing it here. {featured image source}

this too shall pass – holiday depression

As I read the article here (in a nutshell) about holiday depression, I couldn’t help but wonder if these types of feelings exist throughout the world or simply in the U.S?   My guess is, mostly in the U.S.  and forgive me if I am going out on a limb about this. But, having raised a family of my own and of course experiencing most anything you can think of under the stars, I could very well become say, depressed or even bitter during the holiday season, but I choose not to. I always wonder if that has anything to do with my upbringing of expecting the worst and coping with it rather than planning for the best.  Either way, I am tolerant and accepting therefore I am able to cope.  What I am basically trying to say is, I understand everyone has problems and issues to deal with, and while some can handle them easily and methodologically,  others allow their fears to dictate their emotions. We pride ourselves, here in America, about being a strong …