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this too shall pass – holiday depression

HolidayLightsAs I read the article here (in a nutshell) about holiday depression, I couldn’t help but wonder if these types of feelings exist throughout the world or simply in the U.S?   My guess is, mostly in the U.S.  and forgive me if I am going out on a limb about this.

But, having raised a family of my own and of course experiencing most anything you can think of under the stars, I could very well become say, depressed or even bitter during the holiday season, but I choose not to. I always wonder if that has anything to do with my upbringing of expecting the worst and coping with it rather than planning for the best.  Either way, I am tolerant and accepting therefore I am able to cope. 

What I am basically trying to say is, I understand everyone has problems and issues to deal with, and while some can handle them easily and methodologically,  others allow their fears to dictate their emotions. We pride ourselves, here in America, about being a strong nation and one who can rise above anything, so, while the holidays bring you down, find it in your heart  to turn to your religion to help you through it and look for the good in everything, around you, even if it’s just the bell toll  of the Salvation Army Santa standing in front of a department store, wishing you a Merry Christmas and most of all remember, this too shall pass.

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