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Monday Off-Day Thoughts

The upside to being a writer is the fact, you can turn most any situation into a story. The downside is that – you cannot turn off your observation sense, in that you see every detail, hear too much and feel even more about all that is around and that emotion can sometimes be debilitating.

This was my weekend.

Now, to be fair, I am already titter-tottering on a slew of emotions, which usually happens  around this time of the year – Fall-ish, where I am not in the best place emotionally. Not sure why this happens?  But it does. To the best of us. So it is challenging to remain on course-the steady pace of happiness, positive thinking and perseverance when the environment all around is set in dismal mode.

But such is life, and we must do our best to stay busy, challenge ourselves and dabble in creativity to help distract the otherwise bleakest of moods.

Do you feel the same?

Are there too many negatives people in your life? And how do you decide who stays and who goes?

Seeing high school friends at a party, and realizing no one is happy? Or perhaps they don’t understanding the meaning of happiness…

When you preach positive, and the person in front of you only points out the negative? Do you give up or keep on pointing out the good in everything?

Do you accept everything with a grain of salt, or add salt to the wound?

Evolution is necessary, even if the changes that come about impact your life in the worst of ways. Do you change with it or escape the changes?

{source and inspiration for this post from here, here, and here}

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