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Fog, Puff Pastry and a Cup of Tea

I woke up Tuesday feeling out of sorts – especially when I made quick turns or bend downward. It turned out I was having a Vertigo episode – which I’ve had for several years, where the world around me turns upside down and I am unable to find a solid ground to stand on.

These Seabands help for sure to alleviate some of the symptoms, but a few days of rest and calmness is best, along with this exercise, in case you find your way in the same Titanic as me.

The worst I think is the inability to focus, or, in my case, sounds and quick movements around me flare up my queasiness. Nevertheless, I have responsibilities, work, caring for my mother and an aging dog – so I am doing my best to stay solid. Ginger tea and lemongrass help apparently. I read also foods to avoid during an episode.

So, with that long intro, I am going to effort this puff pasty at some point, maybe tomorrow, but figured I’d share the recipe with you also in case you are craving something different with your morning cup of coffee or in my case, ginger tea.

For more puff pastry ideas – go here.

Have you ever been to San Francisco in the summer months and experienced the famous fog named Karl and our very cold weather? I decided, out of annoyance being bundled up, to find humor even with our summer dilemma.

I love tea, and own probably 32 different blends – including some specifically created for me in Paris, and London. With the teas, I alternate the mugs I use, based on the complexity of taste or how the tea makes me feel. Weird maybe, but I enjoy finding happiness in every thing I do. So, here’s to tea lovers alike and ways to create tea infused drinks and more.

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