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Friday Wrap and Chasing Sun

Still feeling a bit queasy but the ‘show must go on’ in my case ‘life must go on. While perched against a dozen pillows in bed, I stared at the television set in a lowest volume setting possible and watched the silliest of films the last couple of days, in between much napping to recover or try to anyway.

Just a Sigh is the English translation of this French film set in Paris of course, which is the main reason I decided to watch the film – a bit cheesy but the scenery helped with my wanderlusting

Parents best hope to get their teenager in the best colleges possible and when he gets accepted – an unfortunate incident resets his life on a whole new different path. Parents beware 🙂

What can I say, I was searching for silly, lighthearted films that could potentially aid in my recovery. You May Not Kiss the Bride – is just what I needed – set in the lushness of Hawaii, the scenery most breathtaking.
Another college bound student travelling on his own to college, learns street smart from a wise man who’s life has really amounted to nothing. Interesting twist and turns, which had me hoping for the best outcome at the end…The Long Dumb Road
Why make something of yourself, when all you care about is money? Watch this film on the edge of your seat

This weekend, I am going to chase the sun since the city will now remain gray for the next two months. Another drive somewhere warm, a picnic in a central park, a nap under the trees sounds wonderful and one I am aiming to achieve this coming weekend. No chores, no worries, simply do my best to soak it up.

How about you? What are your plans?

Just in case you are wondering – the featured image of Golden Gate Park taken by your’s truly

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