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Friday Wrap and Chasing Sun

Still feeling a bit queasy but the ‘show must go on’ in my case ‘life must go on. While perched against a dozen pillows in bed, I stared at the television set in a lowest volume setting possible and watched the silliest of films the last couple of days, in between much napping to recover or try to anyway. This weekend, I am going to chase the sun since the city will now remain gray for the next two months. Another drive somewhere warm, a picnic in a central park, a nap under the trees sounds wonderful and one I am aiming to achieve this coming weekend. No chores, no worries, simply do my best to soak it up. How about you? What are your plans? Just in case you are wondering – the featured image of Golden Gate Park taken by your’s truly

Culture: I Watched A French Film and It Helped

In my efforts to remain calm and positive as the captain of my ship here in San Francisco, I decided to open a bottle of red and watch a film that would,for a few hours, take me far away –  like Europe,  and in particular the French wine region. Now, if you are not familiar with French films, they tend to run long – sometimes over two hours, to include every detail and then some. Which I love about – film makers outside of the U.S. – They do away with too much editing, to keep true to the story. The other aspect of French films, is the English translation – which is the only thing I can relate to – of their beautiful language, metaphors  and to some extend wisdom. If you listen to the narrative throughout a film carefully, you might just pick up on it. This aspect keeps me nostalgic because I’d like to think I was a Frenchwoman in some former life, and therefore able to relate. Er…perhaps it could be …

Some Film Recommends and A Book Or Two

I realized the other day, while picking out the next set of books to read from the public library, that I have not shared what I’ve read and what I’ve watched on television in a long while. Yes, I do go to public libraries. I love them, especially this, and this location, where I spend hours searching for the next book based on recommendations from all sorts of online sites. The books I choose have to inspire me to continue to pen my next story.  So, here it is: Read:  The Cost of Living By Deborah Levy On my List: Things I Don’t Want to Know by Deborah Levy   Read: Where Honeybees Thrive by Heather Swan Currently Reading: Carnegie’s Maid by Maria Benedict I have ordered The Nest to Read Next – the idea of a family feud over inheritance has sparked an interest and in reality I have picked up and put down this paperback so many times, but now I am going to finally read it.   Found this film on Netflix …