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Some Film Recommends and A Book Or Two

I realized the other day, while picking out the next set of books to read from the public library, that I have not shared what I’ve read and what I’ve watched on television in a long while. Yes, I do go to public libraries. I love them, especially this, and this location, where I spend hours searching for the next book based on recommendations from all sorts of online sites. The books I choose have to inspire me to continue to pen my next story.  So, here it is:

Read:  The Cost of Living By Deborah Levy
On my List: Things I Don’t Want to Know by Deborah Levy


Read: Where Honeybees Thrive by Heather Swan
Currently Reading: Carnegie’s Maid by Maria Benedict

I have ordered The Nest to Read Next – the idea of a family feud over inheritance has sparked an interest and in reality I have picked up and put down this paperback so many times, but now I am going to finally read it.


Found this film on Netflix starring Chris Pine, and Elizabeth Banks. Films are always a wonderful experience when there is great chemistry between the actors and the story a solid one.

Also, a mini-series, I am assuming the efforts of this show is Fleabag – a British take on a women’s life gone wrong – normally because of all the bad choices she’s made. The six part series detailed the spiraling out of control chain of misfortunes, which is a bit hard to take at first, wishing you could reach inside the screen and smack the character in hopes you can help get a grip, but it all pans out perfectly in Amazon Prime.

An Australian take on the legal system with an out-of-control lawyer aiming to defend the weirdest of individuals committing the most unexpected crimes. I can’t figure out if the show reminds me of the American show – Better Call Saul, but if you happen to appreciate BCS, than consider Rake on Netflixs

The most highly anticipated film by your’s truly was Outlaw King – the story of Robert the Bruce of Scotland, aiming to take back the kingdom from Edward the First and Second. Being a history buff, I had marked my calendar to see the film which was airing on Neflix on October 9. And I waited patiently for the film to start past the credits and then waited some more for the film to draw me in, and then waited some more – twitching at the poor acting and lack of chemistry. It was as if Chris Pine – sorry to say – felt uncomfortable in his own skin – unable to deliver on all counts, because I felt he was busy concentrating on the Scottish brogue and failing miserably. This is the first time I wonder why the main character was not a true Scotsman – like Gerard Butler perhaps? Sorry Chris, I adore you but this was not the right role for you.

So now here’s what I am trying on for size – Wanderlust – a British/Australian I believe, show about a couple as usual faced with resuscitating their marriage after being together for what’s assumed 15 plus years. The typical scenario with any couple, where there is a point of disconnect and the difficulty in finding the spark necessary to go on. I’ll see where this is headed.

And this show in between  Wanderlust, and Rake – I alternate watching all three, and have found Patriot to be the funniest even as in the dark comedy category – well orchestrated and creatively delivered. I am now committed to seeing this show through season 1 and 2.

The show The Romanoffs is driving me crazy. I can’t stop watching it, yet I cannot stand how each episode drags on and really goes nowhere – or does it? I am not yet sure what I am expecting at the end of each episode, with a Twiglight Zone-ish feel, every episode not connected to the other, draws you in and each time disappoints. I don’t know if any of you have seen the show and if so, what is your take on the series? Will it last past season 1?

What shows have you seen and what do you recommend?

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