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Lifestyle: Things You Might Want To Know

The best way I could put the reason behind this post is this.  You know how when you attempt to subscribe to an online site, there is a pop-up  asking if you are a robot – and if not, to key in a set of squiggly numbers and letters to prove it. 


Well, sometimes when I talk only about the beautiful things on this site, I realize that I may come across as a robot, especially on days where there are tragic events that redefine or reshape the world.  And although my efforts are to calm the anxiety, and help promote clear thinking, it is always a good idea to share some realities once in a while.

Global warming is a fact, although constantly doubted, or challenged even still – this town is the first sign that the damages from the global warming goes beyond animal extinction.

The quest to save coral or can coral be saved is the topic of this site

Animals sold as souvenirs even in today’s efforts to make the practice illegal

I wonder when mankind creates a product, do they see the impact well into the future – or the idea of a successful invention is the main focal point

We can only be hopeful there is enough time to save the world as we know it –

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