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Culture: I Watched A French Film and It Helped

In my efforts to remain calm and positive as the captain of my ship here in San Francisco, I decided to open a bottle of red and watch a film that would,for a few hours, take me far away –  like Europe,  and in particular the French wine region.

Now, if you are not familiar with French films, they tend to run long – sometimes over two hours, to include every detail and then some. Which I love about – film makers outside of the U.S. – They do away with too much editing, to keep true to the story.

The other aspect of French films, is the English translation – which is the only thing I can relate to – of their beautiful language, metaphors  and to some extend wisdom. If you listen to the narrative throughout a film carefully, you might just pick up on it. This aspect keeps me nostalgic because I’d like to think I was a Frenchwoman in some former life, and therefore able to relate. Er…perhaps it could be because of my similar upbringing.

Anyway, I decided to jot down what I learned from watching Back to Burgundy on Amazon Prime last night

  • The art of wine making – which I’ve always thought I wanted to do – own a winery in Napa
  • The struggles of wine making – which I only knew parts of – mostly the weather related part. But my GOD – what a nightmare it can be if not managed properly.
  • The feast and celebration after a fine harvest – which I always imagined being invited to in Napa or somewhere in Europe.
  • How truly passionate the people of France are – even if they come across something different to those who don’t understand their culture.
  • Learning to grow through the most difficult of times and rediscovering family and traditions resonated more now than ever.
  • How simply beautiful the French women are – even if they are covered knee deep in crushed grapes.
  • The French shabby chic decor – and chateau style homes throughout the wine region are truly an inspiration.
  • That a beautiful French film can actually pacify my longing to travel right  now.
  • A glimmer of hope – that someday life will become normal again and that through all of this struggle, we as humans, hopefully have learned a valuable lesson. Not to take life or anyone in it for granted – ever again.

What are you doing to escape right now?  Tell us.

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