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A Few Observations and Updates

As the shelter in place order was announced in California, I wanted to believe more humans were beginning to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, but it seems from the news and photographs all around, there are so many exhibiting otherwise. But what do I know, except that my family and I did our part in following the directive and stayed home – naturally FaceTiming the rest of the clan who live in far away places.

Through the doom, I am trying my best to maintain a positive attitude – I mean, don’t get me wrong, by Friday I felt the worst version of myself, and could not snap out of it. I guess I was completely coming to terms with how things are going to be for a while and even afterwards.  This is how I usually am with most traumatic events in my life: Shock, denial, overly analyzing the situation, much brain-storming with family members and friends, and then calming down to rationally handle whatever life had thrown or in this case, is throwing my/all of our way. 

I do want to point out tho, that over the weekend I found myself only hearing the slightest of happy sounds from outside, which we normally take for granted – being so busy every second of everyday.  You know the sounds…

of birds chirping

The rustling leaves 

Children playing in their backyards without a smartphone in sight

Music, conversation or laughter drifting from the neighboring opened windows 

Boys or men playing catch for half-hour every morning in front of their house 

Less air traffic noises, the sound of the ocean crashing against the shore, and most of all the gentle breeze and Spring showers. 

Some of the interesting questions that have come up during conversations with family – which I want to pose here and see if anyone wants to share their opinion.

Would you consider starting a business from home?

Does a part of you wish that the old-fashioned human connection stays on after?

Would you be thankful for this amazing planet of ours

Would you make time to visit a senior home and bring with you  a sheet cake or cookies? 

Would you pray more to your god? 

Here’s a book recommend if you are having a difficult time coping

One of the funniest books I am currently reading and recommend for a hardy laugh or two

a helpful guide to lessen the effects of anxiety – which as we know it, most of us suffer from

This article suggests why you should postpone your travel plans rather than cancel them and I couldn’t agree more

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