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Let’s Share What We Are Doing to Keep Distracted

Besides writing more now than ever, working from home, and baking in abundance, I set aside a few hours a day for the following:

Visiting one virtual museum a day from Google Arts and Culture and escaping into another world  

Watch virtual tours exploring national parks and aquarium and  the zoo 

Spend time soaking up  online home decor ideas to share with my FaceTime far away friends to keep the hope alive

Since working from home is not a choice at the moment until further notice – create a family work space in the house – perhaps a formal dining room that doesn’t get used much often – turn it into work and study zone

I’d love to turn my mother’s kitchen to a vintage one true to its 1930’s style – rather than the current mistake of an update that was done in 1990. Talks of the update keeps her mind busy and her soul to keep looking forward instead of being sucked in with all the bad news

Each day I pick an article of interest or usefulness and share – and this is today’s useful suggestion on how to detox your home which has now become your most time spent destination – create a plan and complete one task each day

And last, embrace the slow-living  right now to create a quality of living for you and your family

Today's advise - don't stay in your pajamas the entire day while social distancing


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