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What’s In Store This Weekend?

The planning has already begun for the weekend and these are some of the things I am considering:

…seeing the movie Winchester Mystery House – because the story is based on the actual house 50 miles south of San Francisco which is a fantastic tour – one I highly recommend to all tourists visiting the bay area. Now, although I am not a fan of scary movies, I want to see what they’ve done to the story – considering this was a place I frequented through my 20’s – scared as anything – but nevertheless I went inside several times and walked out just as scared.

If you are from the bay area, you’d understand why Burlingame Avenue is a day well spent. I pretty much do this every weekend, breakfast with friends, and then a stroll, my favorite stores being Paper Chase, Papyrus, and Books Inc. – If you are visiting the city, take Caltrain Southbound and be sure to get off at Burlingame to see this wonderfully put together town.

The weather is supposed to be amazing in the city – so I will be going for my usual walk along the coast, 3-7 miles if I can pull it off – then off to see the Superbowl in the comfort of my own home, nachos and beer included of course. Go – ah who am I kidding – who cares

What’s your plans this weekend? Where will you be watching the Superbowl? And if you happen to be doing the same about the bay area on Saturday or Sunday early morning walk, please drop me a line here so we can cross paths and say ‘Hi’. Otherwise have a lovely weekend!

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