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Food: Good To Know Topics

Sometimes while searching for a recipe I can tweak to fit my dietary needs, I come across interesting articles about matters of the palette.

A husband of a friend of mine used to mail order quality beef and every time I am at the local grocery store, I wonder if I should consider the option from one of these companies in the U.S.
Have you mail ordered steak?

One of my favorite pairing is Shoe string fries and a glass of bubbly. Something I accidentally discovered while at a happy hour event in Los Angeles.

Do you ever wonder when is a good time to leave after a dinner party? This is a good read, especially since the holiday dinner party season is upon on. 

If you haven’t seen the classic film – Breakfast at Tiffany’s – please do so immediately and then book a reservation to experience a twist on that ‘Breakfast’ at Tiffany

Fetish food is the inspiration for the 2019 color trends.

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