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Lifestyle: Trivia Distractions

As 2020 continues to evolve in ways none of us has ever imagined possible, we need to remember that for the sake of our mental health, we must find ways to distract ourselves – even if for only a few hours a day. We must make time for simple or small distractions to build up the tolerance needed to sustain humanity as we know it.

For this very reason, we will continue the positive thinking approach at Raw Silk and Saffron and hope. That through this process, we can become solid.

With that said, I was watching a comedy special on Netflix last night, and it got me thinking more so than laughing as the comedian Demetri  Martin pointed out one trivia after another to get us all thinking. It was the most refreshing show comedy skit I’ve seen in a while.  I highly recommend a gander.

Until then, here’s what got me curious enough to share:

When you look at a map do you ever wonder what the end to the boot of Italy is? Click here

If someone were to ask you – if you’ve ever seen the Staircase of turquoise pools would you think they were just pulling your leg?

Is cheese rolling a thing – you might ask yourself one afternoon, while arranging a chartreuse board

Did you know there are bird ground nests?

These pools in subfreezing temperatures are ideal in this eco-friendly country – can you guess where it is?

And just in case the above did not distract you in a positive way, then read on about the upsides to worrying 

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