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Decor: Chanel’s New Flagship Store – Manhattan

In light of the fact, a few department stores are either closing down or renovating and reinventing themselves here in northern California to remain key players in this day and age of online shopping, I have to applaud Chanel’s newly designed flagship store in Manhattan. The very idea of a modern chic decor approach, which others are following, is a sure way to captivate passersby:

Decor: Houseplants 101

I realized the other day that I border-line in the green-thumb department. Either the indoor plants survive my caring or they do not. So I decided to search for options to consider once the ones I’ve had for a bit  wither away. Here’s the list: Have you any suggestions of plants that have survived in your environment.Do share. {featured image source}

decor: rustic taste and a flare for french country design

I think if I had the means I would decorate my house differently every six months or so. But since reality dictates otherwise, I choose to decorate over time not really sticking to one style or another, and including everything that I makes me feel happy. With that said, here’s a few decor styles I’ve been slowly incorporating in my current state of transforming my studio-loft lucky for me attached to a beautiful garden: {source}